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Now, let's get into the mathematics behind Rapthematics
The equations that turn a beast into a fucking savage
Multiply the anger that makes you spaz out, shit
Divide the wack Emcees that's bad at this
Add the fact, I'm atheist and black
Minus the wack content that I obviously lack
I snap!
I'm on point like a decimal
I'm dope
And your feeling's reciprocal
Like fractions I'm flipping you
Once I calculate the sum of this rap shit
It'll be greater than anything thing that you make up
Bars ain't just slang that we speak to talk sweet
It all has to do with the measures inside of the beat
So learn how to count
Or you never will amount
Or understand what the hell these 4/4's are about
And I'm not talking bout guns
I'm speaking about the route
That it takes to write music
So, bruh. Don't confuse it
Or use it just to abuse it
Like Em said you'll lose it
If you're not making this a priority, then what ya doing?
I'm full speed ahead, while the rest of y'all are just cruising
Like y'all have nothing to prove, and Hip Hop is time consuming?
I know they get pissed, at my squad and our movement
Too many freethinkers getting hipped to that GU shit
Call the hometeam Tim Allen, we show improvement
Paying no mind to whatever the industry is doing
They say I should be signed
I say, "I'll never do it"
They say "evolution's a fraud"
I tell they ass to prove it
But they never will, the reason being that they can't
Downplaying science, while using Facebook to vent
It makes no sense...
There's a lot of math in rap
Like knowing when the down beat drops
So you don't pass that
That can determine the aftermath of a tight verse
Even lyrics have limits, so don't push it and make it worse
I'm hydrated as fuck, while the rest are displaying thirst
Like trolls that comment on threads, just to say "first"
I treat my pen like energy, I make it put in work
Gripping it so hard, it complains my strength hurts
Hip Hop has an order of operations
Dope beats
the Studio comes last
So stay patient
Work on your craft to solve equations
Do I have to give more explanations?
You're welcome, you have just been educated
Rapthematics, Jay Bee and A.K. shit
I swear, It's so motherfuckin basic


from Rapthematics (The Hip Hopper's Guide), released December 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Educators (AdeKwit & Jay Bee) Miami, Florida

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